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December 15, 2020 in Blog, House Tour

Since we bought this house 2 years ago, my office has been moved around a bazillion times. I loved my very first office, it has a settee for reading and a floating desk with a large monitor. But then life kept making me have to change the room. First, there was homeschool, which made me add a 2-person desk for the kids, then there was the hubby who needed a space to work, and then there was the need for a guest room for when my family would come to visit. Unfortunately, the room is way too small to function for multiple purposes, but I was determined to get more than one purpose out of it, so I made a few purchases and very inexpensively turned it into a room that I love!

First things first, I got rid of the huge 2 man desk (Actually I didn’t get rid of it, I cut it in half and put it in another room), and a huge cubby storage unit that I had which really didn’t store anything I really needed. Yay Minimalism! Next, I brought in this twin xl mattress and bed frame. I needed one tall enough to fit the baskets I had in my cubby storage. The bed fit almost perfectly across the width of the room, so it almost looks built-in. I had some bedding on hand so I used what I had, with the exception of a couple of Ikea 20 x 20 pillows. I like grabbing a book and reading on the bed too.

Next, I brought in a mid-century desk I had been using as a vanity in my bedroom. I think I love it more in this room and once again, I was able to minimize and fit everything I needed to in the bathroom. I had recently bought the little green cart at Ikea, and it’s great for putting my daily paperwork in, and it conveniently rolls around. I paired the desk with this white leather chair because it was more comfortable than the mid-century one I had.

But my favorite part of the office is my new record player. There’s nothing like the crackling of an old record. I also made this little table out of a cubby storage unit and some hair pin legs. Now I have a great little stand and I can listen to records all day long.

All in all, I don’t mind working in here as much anymore. It’s fresh, decluttered, and I can listen to great tunes while I work.

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