placing an offer


September 28, 2021 in Blog, Home Buyer Guide

So you have found a home that you want. What’s next? It is time to place an offer! Let’s talk about the process of negotiation and placing an offer on a home that you love.

You have found a home that you absolutely love. Great! First, we need to sit down with our agent and talk about placing an offer. Your agent will help you determine the elements of the offer. This includes:

  • Your sales price
  • Your closing and possession dates
  • How much you want to put down for a deposit

You should carefully review any clauses with your real estate professional to ensure that the offer you are placing is one you truly want to make.

Once your agreement is written, it is time to sign it. There are two ways to do this: a wet signature or a digital signature. After you sign the agreement, it is your agent’s job to present this offer to the seller’s agent. Then, the seller’s agent will present it to the seller. At this point the seller can:

  • Reject
  • Accept
  • Make a counter-offer

Successive counter-offers between your agent and the seller’s agent may be exchanged multiple times. This is when your agent’s negotiation skills come into play! They will continue to exchange offers until an agreement is reached or the negotiations break down. At the point of a negotiation break-down, you may decide to move on to another house.


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