Moving out of state

January 12, 2021 in Blog, Real Estate

Moving out of state can sound super scary, but between those exploring a better cost-of-living, needing more space for their families, or those who are just out for adventure, it has become very appealing to many. I personally have moved out of state a few times. First from Pasadena, California to the Cincinnati metro area, then back to Pasadena, and then from California to San Antonio, Texas. I tend to be a little of everything as far as reasons why. I for one am super adventurous, but I also really love living in areas with a lower cost of living, and both times have upgraded to a space that is much larger than what I could get in California.

Being self-employed it’s always been easy for me to move, well except for obtaining new licenses across state-lines. My hubby has always been able to find a job in his industry and we have enjoyed making a ton of new friends. Obviously you want to move somewhere where your line of work is in an area that has jobs for you, but many entreprenuers can live just about anywhere.

A new climate can be a challenge for some, but I’ve got to tell you being a native Californian, I loved being able to live in a place with all four seasons. Now that we are in Texas the climate is very similar to California minus the humidity of course.

The housing market is always a big one. Since housing is usually your biggest expense when it comes to cost of living, you want to count the cost. Not only do you want to look at the cost of a house, but also property taxes and insurance. When we lived in Cincinnati our property taxes were very low, but here in Texas they are much higher. However, houses are less expensive here in San Antonio and we pay no income tax, and fuel prices are CHEAP! I guess it all balances out.

In the past few weeks, I’ve done a series of 4 different places where many people are moving to in the US. On the list are Arizona, Florida, Idaho, and Texas. Myself and four other Real Estate experts have explored the job market, housing market, cost of living, and taxes.

If you are looking to move to any of these places, check out these interviews. If these places are not on your list reach out to me. I have referral partners all over the country that I can connect you with.


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