How to turn any room into a guest room

March 24, 2019 in Blog

I wanted to share with you something that took me a whole 9 months to figure out. Where to put your guest when you don’t have a guest room. See, ever since I decided to start living a life that is split between Los Angeles and San Antonio it has created a lot of guest. I mean like every month we are hosting guest. Although that is a total good thing and I love having people around, they still need a place to sleep.

If you are living a minimalistic life and don’t have a guest room then keep reading… There are solutions out there that are better than any fold up couch and take up no more room than in your hall closet.

When we decided to purchase out home in San Antonio we opted for no guest room because we were trying to live a simple life. We also wanted a home that we could stay in even after retirement. I also don’t like having spaces in my house that don’t serve multiple purposes and/or get used every day. This left me with a dilema, where do I put my guest when they come for overnight visits?

We shopped for everything under the sun. A pull out couch, a murphy bed, I even considered turning my dining room into a permanent guest room. Well I discovered the best thing ever! A foldable and comfortable bed. This thing looks and feels like a guest bed, but is small enough to fold up and store in my hall closet. So now when we have guest, I turn our small office into a guest room just by removing hubbys light weight desk (with removable legs) and adding the guest bed in it’s place. My desk then turns into a vanity/ desk area, and we add a clothing rack for a portable closet. It’s so easy and cozy and our guest are completely satisfied.

Watch this video to see how I turned my home office into a guest room for about $300. Want your own? Links are below

Foldable bed frame
Carrying Case
Clothes Rack


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