How to simplify your possessions without stressing out

September 17, 2019 in Blog

Lately I have been in cleaning/sorting/ getting rid of things mode. I’ll be honest, this is the mode I go through oh lets say every 6 months. This is me, this has been me and will always be me, even long before Marie Kondo became so popular. But that also leaves my friends asking me how I do this every 6 months without stressing. See, living clutter free has always been easy to me and I never understood why anybody would think differently until I married my hoarder husband and we had a hoarder daughter together. So, it got me thinking, why do I declutter and how do I do it without stressing out.

Why I Simplify Every 6 months?

Clutter stresses me out– I know that I’m talking about how to take the stress out of decluttering, but let’s be real. How do you feel when there is stuff all over the place? Stressed! So the idea of getting rid of stuff actually makes me feel like I can move on and conquer the world.

I feel more efficient– It’s so much easier to focus when there isn’t stuff all over the place. My mind feels clear and it’s a lot easier to work. Also, it saves time, because I always know where something is when I’m looking for it.

Its peaceful– Can you say relaxation?

It’s prettier– Listen I have worked in Real Estate for 16 years. The first thing I tell my clients is to put crap away. People like the look of decluttered. But why should this just be if you are selling your home. You should walk in every day and be attracted to you home.

Saves Money– There is something mentally freeing about getting rid of stuff. It makes you feel like if I always have something to get rid of, maybe I can do a better job at realizing if I really need it when I’m buying things. I save so much money by just thinking twice when I buy something.

Frees up space- The less stuff you have, the less places you need to put stuff. This means that you can potentially live in a smaller space or have a garage where you car is actually parked in it instead of it being loaded with stuff you never use.

So how do I do it?

Decluttering your possessions is a 3 step process. It applies to every situation in life whether you are decluttering a closet, planning your calendar for the month, or making a decision in life. Never tackle everything at once, but rather take each project one by one. Choose a drawer, a closet, a shelf in your garage, a portion of your countertop, etc. You get the picture. This will keep the stress from getting rid of stuff at a minimum.

Evaluate– First you are going to take everything out of the place you want to clean up, whether thats a drawer or closet. Then you are going to evaluate to see what you used in the last 6 months and what you will use in the next 6 months. Or when it comes to life evaluate how the decision you are making has affected you in the past 6 months and how it will affect you in the next 6 months. Catch my drift? This is where the Does it bring you joy part of Marie Kondo’s philosophy comes into play.

Minimize– Now it’s time to get rid of stuff. You are going to be make 3 piles. Keep, Donate/ Sell, and Toss. Some people who really stress about getting rid of stuff make a maybe pile as well that then will get re-evaluated for a final decision toward the end of the project. Remember, when you donate/sell someone who can truly use what you are getting rid of can reap the benefits of things that you have.

Organize– Now it is time to put everything back away, this time in an organized fashion. I personally like drawers with containers that are split into categories and color coded closets. But you can use whatever system works for you. Remember the goal is to make you feel less stressed and more efficient.

Now you rinse and repeat, finding a time for every section of a room, then eventually your house and garage will be done. I like doing a monthly list for each room in my house, this way once a year every room gets touched and reorganized. Things like my closet and clothing drawers are done seasonally, but my kitchen only gets touched once a year. This is a very simple system, but I find it efficient. Hopefully your next organizing project will be a little less stress free. Find me on Instagram or use the Hashtag #thatsimplelife to share your organizing wins.


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