West Elm Hamilton Couch

How to budget a quality statement piece into a room.

November 2, 2017 in Blog

West Elm Hamilton Couch

I believe that every room should have a statement piece.  For me that was the West Elm Hamilton Couch in my living room.  But how could I have this $2500 and remain debt free.  See!  I’m okay with debt only if you have a plan.  So I made a plan and made it work.  First things first:

  1.  I SAVED!!!  I had an envelope put aside just for extra cash I made from selling my kids used clothes, and any other goodies around the house.
  2. I SOLD!  I was able to sell my old couch for $400, which helped offset the cost of this couch.
  3. I BARGAIN SHOPPED!  I waited until West Elm was having a sale, and then I was able to bargain for an additional percentage off, by opening up a West Elm credit card.
  4. I USED CREDIT WISELY!  So after doing all of the above I had saved a total of $1000.  I knew I wanted this couch and since their sales aren’t frequent I jumped on the sale and financed the rest at 0% interest.  I believe I paid just under $2000 for the couch.  I paid $1000 cash and financed around another $1000.  I then planned for 10 payments of $100, and had the couch paid off before I got all the accrued interest. (Thanks to living a debt free life that payment didn’t hurt too much).

Now, as far as the rest of the living room….Well, that’s Ikea mixed with a little flea market and Amazon shopping.  I must also say that if I had found this couch on craigslist at any time, I would’ve jumped at the chance to buy it used.  So although I have a beautiful quality statement piece, I also bargain shopped around it to create a beautiful room.


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