Easy chalk paint bathroom vanity makeover

March 26, 2020 in Blog, Client Projects, House Tour

Thought I’d pop over here and talk a little bit about how you can easily update your bathroom vanity in one afternoon using chalk paint. I’m not usually the kind of use chalk paint for projects, but because of the easy availability and the fact that it goes a long way, I decided to give it a go. I picked up a bottle of Waverly Chalk paint in Mineral at Walmart for under $7 and it more than covered my whole bathroom vanity. Now before we get too detailed about the project, lets check out what it looked like before.

Honestly, I have to say that it looked really good in that photo. Probably because it was a professional Real Estate photo and there is no doubt that this photo had been majorly exposed because the countertop is actually brown. What I didn’t like about this vanity was the style or color. I’m not a huge fan of french country burlwood, but the folks who flipped our house thought this was an excellent idea especially with a brick looking tile backsplash in our tub. Ewwww. My style is more mid-century modern, but we had to work with what we had because it didn’t make sense to take what was a brand new bathroom and demolishes it (tears). So instead I came up with a plan that included a lot of paint. Heres the other angle of what our vanity looked like, just so that you get the full picture.

So after removing the hardware and cleaning the vanity with liquid sander, I applied the paint using my favorite purdy brush. I used 2 coats of paint on the whole thing and then let it dry. Then I applied a natural paste wax on the top to give it some dimension and to protect the paint.

At that point, I debated as to whether I was going to reuse the old handles or add something new. Once again, that old french country style was really not working for me, so I found these amazing and more modern pulls online. I have to say that I love how it completely changed the style of the vanity and made me love my bathroom again.

And because I had the boringest original vintage mirror above, I felt like I had to do something exciting with it, so I came up with a DIY West Elmi inspired mirror design that took me about 30 minutes to make. See how I did that here.

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