A mid century style dining room

March 27, 2019 in Blog, House Tour

When we first moved into our house we thought we would NEVER use our dining room. I had a little kitchen table that sat us 4 perfectly. However as time progressed and we all started having friends we needed a space for more people to sit down, eat, play games etc.

I hated to kick my hubby out of his office, especially because I had picked up the coolest desk ever that came from the Exxon corporation. But he survived dealt so well. Once I had made my decision to merge our home offices, the first thing I did was start scouring craigslist for a table! Of course I found the most amzing mid-century drop leaf table that sat 10 for $50. Yay me! I reused the benches that were around the my kitchen table and some chairs that I had purchased at Ikea a while back for the ends. Everything else was already in my husbands office and it went perfectly!

My big splurge was the West Elm light fixture. The light fixture that was there previously was very farmhouse bling. Although I got a ton of compliments on it, it just wasn’t my style. We are only a couple of weeks in and we have already fully enjoyed this room with friends and family. Now that I don’t have the table in my kitchen I’m itching for a remodel with a large island with seating.

As you can see, I moved things around a tiny bit because I was having seating issues in my Living room and I needed to find a new home for the piano in order to add more seating.

UPDATE: I got new dining chairs that are authentic. Click here to check them out.


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