My Favorite Kitchen tools

August 1, 2019 in Blog

With all the menu planning, and cooking I’ve been doing with the kiddos lately, I thought I’d share a little about my kitchen setup. First off, I like things to be multi-purpose, if possible. I don’t have a lot of extra gadgets or tools, but with that being said there are times when you need the right tool. I have a set of cast iron skillets, and a set of pots that I use all the time. I have 2 small drawers with my baking and kitchen gadgets, they are neatly organized in bins so I can easily find everything.

The appliances that I have are good quality and I have had them for years. For example a Vitamix and a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. These are multi-purpose tools and I use them quite frequently. I like having things easily accessible so I have a cutting station where I keep my knives and I have a thin drawer underneath full of cutting board liners for my pull out cutting board, and I keep an extra cutting board and my pastry board on my kitchen island.

Everything in my kitchen is very simple. I don’t have a lot of extra dishes or glasses, although I do have a thing for coffee mugs. We are actually going to be doing a mini remodel soon, moving some cabinets around so that we can have some extra room for seating. Our kitchen is the heart of our home, so we want to make it as inviting as possible (on a budget of course).

If you are interested in some of the other kitchen gadgets and tools I use. Click here and it will take you to my full kit.

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