Hi, I’m Monica. I’m a Real Estate Professional who is obsessed with house, and all things home.  Some might call me a homebody, but I’m a busy bee who is running around town fulfilling my passions daily.  I love hanging out in thrift shops and Estate Sales, in search of vintage items. Coffee is also my love language,  so you might find me doing work or reading at a local coffee house.  I’m also a bit of a June Cleaver, I believe in living a simple life and love making things from scratch.  I also have a passion for finding old and fun furniture pieces to use as is or upcycle,  and working with home decor (aka styling and organization).   In my spare time, I enjoy cocktail mixology,  singing karaoke, and caring for my plants.

I am especially in love with vintage homes, and love working with others who share the same passion. I also have my Real Estate Historic Homes Designation. I really enjoy decorating and rehabbing and helping my clients create their dream homes with inexpensive updates. I also love helping sellers get top dollar for their property by taking the dated out of their home and styling it in a modern simplistic way.

My husband David and I, along with our twins,  moved to SATX from SOCAL in 2018 to simplify our lives. I’ve been in the Real Estate field officially since 1995, but didn’t get my license until the early 2000s when Houses became a full-fledged passion for me. I love working with clients and inspiring ideas (especially my fixer-upper clients). I look at the bigger picture and help people discover a solution that best suits their specific circumstances, wants, and needs. Clients choose to work with me for my full-service experience, ethics, and expertise.  I have consistently shown the ability to satisfy clients in the buying, selling, and financing of their homes.

Selling your current home is often the first step. Staging is as important as a marketing strategy. With my design expertise, I can easily turn your home into a desirable choice for future buyers with simple staging techniques, therefore, helping you to get a quick sale at a top dollar. 

Looking to buy? As a realtor who loves decorating and has flipped several properties on my own, I help my clients find homes that are beautiful, functional, and fit their future. Whether it be a starter home with resale potential in mind or a dream home where the design and flow are most important! I love working with fixer-upper clients as I can always come up with budget-friendly ideas to maximize your new home’s potential quickly.

Want to Style your home?  Honestly, this is so much fun for me.  I have been styling & organizing homes all my life, but more specifically the past 20 years for clients.  Visit my Styling page for more information.  

Feel like shopping or want some vintage?  My Etsy shop has you covered.  Also, I have a ton of Amazon favorites that I’ve linked.  And yes I do get a tiny commission, but I honestly do it more just to share these goodies with you. 


This website is full of information for you, whether you are looking to buy, sell, style, organize, or find some vintage goods. 

After you have had the chance to review this information, contact me so I can tell you more about how I can help!



Monica Brito
Realtor® LPT Realty LLC

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