January 11, 2022 in Blog, Home Seller Guide

When selling your home there are many things to consider. Let’s talk about the step-by-step process of selling your house.


The home selling process can be a long one. Be sure to find the right agent to serve your needs. Ask friends and family for referrals, and if you are in San Antonio or Los Angeles I’d love to interview for the job. But seriously, it’s so important that you vibe with the agent you are working with.

Pick a competitive listing price

Your agent will conduct market analysis to recommend the best possible listing price to help your property sell within a reasonable amount of time. Making sure to not overprice your listing is so important, if you price too high, it will sit on the market. So when looking at your comparables, make sure they are like for like. This means the same amount of bedrooms, square footage, and similar upgrades.

Devise a marketing plan with your agent

A concise marketing strategy may include an MLS listing, open houses, professional photography, and a dedicated website for your home. Your agent does much more than pop your listing on the internet and wait for a buyer. Your agent should communicate their marketing plan with you. Marketing on social media, and various websites is important, but so is having a virtual tour and proper staging.

Give your property a makeover

Although you may love your property as it is, new buyers will be looking for a fresh face. Declutter, clean, and stage your home. This is so important! Potential buyers want to imagine their stuff in your home, so make is clean, fresh, decluttered, and neutral.

Prepare for open houses

Work with your listing agent to prepare for upcoming open houses. This includes making sure the house stays clean, and finding something for your family to do the day of the open house.

Do not be afraid to negotiate

If your property is priced well, then you will likely have several competing offers. Work with your agent to negotiate and/or accept the best possible counter-offer. This is why you hired an agent. They know whether or not this is a “good” offer. They also know your particular circumstances, and how quickly you need to move. Your agent is in a good position to negotiate terms that are perfect for you.

Wait out the escrow period

Once a seller and buyer have reached a purchase agreement, they will enter into a period called escrow. During this time, they will await the closing and move-out date.

Prepare for the Appraisal

The buyer’s prospective lender will typically require a property appraisal, to ensure the negotiated purchase price was fair and parallelled to the actual property value.

Cooperate with the property inspection

Inspections help buyers confirm that they are purchasing a home that is truly in the condition for which it appears, so be cooperative with their times, and be fair when it comes to making repairs.

Prepare for the closing date

Prepare to read and sign paperwork. Once everything is signed and verified by all parties, your property has officially sold!


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